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Раствор для промывки глаз, HypaClens, бесцветный, бутылка, 500мл


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Информация об изделиях

Промывка Глаз
-500мл бутылка
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Обзор продукта

The E404 is a 500mL HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Solution, made of polypropylene with sodium chloride pH. This eyewash features 0.9% sterile saline solution is ideal for irrigating eyes and general wound washing applications. Suitable for irrigating eyes that have been contaminated with particles or liquids. Ideal for washing and rinsing eyes. By twisting off the top the sterile contents may be applied drop by drop or in a continuous gentle stream by squeezing the bottle, a stronger jet may be delivered by breaking off the bottle neck. Rapid pouring of the sterile contents for immediate irrigation or emergency use. The specially designed pouring lip ensures that contents do not touch the sides of the bottle in use.
  • Clear, colourless solution
  • Terminally sterilised at 121°C for 15 minutes
  • Emergency eyewash should be stored at 5 to 25°C

Области применения

Безопасность, Медицинское


Do not use unless product is clear or if there is evidence of leaking prior to breaking the seal. Check for leaks by squeezing the bottle. Discard surplus. Seek medical advice immediately after use.

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