Analog Devices -EVAL-AD7383-4FMCZ, Evaluation Board for AD738x-4 Successive Approximation ADCs

The EVAL-AD7383-4FMCZ is a full-featured Evaluation Board that evaluates all features of the AD7383-4 analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)

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Vishay / Dale IFSC Low Profile High Current Inductors

Vishay / Dale IFSC Low Profile High Current Inductors feature an ultra-low profile with shielded construction and frequency range up to 5MHz.

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Series 1950 : Explosion-Proof Differential Pressure Switch

Series 1950 Explosion-Proof Differential Pressure Switch combines the best features of the popular Dwyer® Series 1900 Pressure Switch with an integral explosion proof and weatherproof housing, making it an exceptional value for either application.

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LabVIEW+ Suite - LabVIEW Plus Much More!

LabVIEW+ Suite contains all the components that you need in your day-to-day work: connecting to instruments, performing measurements, and analysing data.

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MU4 Series 800W 1U Enclosed Modular Power Supply

The MU4 series comes in a 1U fan cooled Aluminium case offering 600W low line and 800W high line. With intelligent fan control, the MU4 fan rotation speed can be reduced, producing audible noise as low as 36dBA

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