Surface Mount Thermal Cut Off Fuses

One of the latest approaches for providing a safety circuit to lithium-ion battery packs is the use of the miniature resettable Thermal Cutoff devices (TCOs). TCO devices are designed to provide accurate and repeatable overcurrent and overtemperature protection.

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Keithley Lab Bench Control for STEM Education

Don’t waste time on complex signal collecting: STEM teaching labs can benefit from clear signal waveform data analysis

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ZMT Snap

Sealed version of the ZMA series providing a totally new solution to our line of miniature snap-acting switches

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Toshiba NEW Optocouplers - Smart Gate Drivers

Multifunctional Gate Driver in SO16 package

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Raspberry Pi Pico W

A low-cost, wireless-enabled, high-performance dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller with flexible digital interfaces.

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