EZ-PD PAG1S USB PD power adapter SR controller

EZ-PD™ PAG1S is an integrated synchronous rectifier (SR) controller and charging port controller.

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XRCGE Compact, low-cost, improved accuracy Crystal Resonators

Murata XRCGE Crystal Resonators are compact, low-cost resonators with improved accuracy of less than ±100ppm.

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PX3005 Series : Rangeable Industrial Differential Pressure Transmitter with Digital Display

The Omega differential PX3005-DIFF is a compact, rangeable, pressure transmitter ideal for monitoring pressures in process automation, hydraulic systems, compressors, pumps, and in tank level applications where consistent, reliable pressure measurement is essential. The PX3005-DIFF utilizes a unique encapsulation construction of a MEMs piezoresistive pressure sensor coupled to an advanced microprocessing to provide superior accuracy and performance.

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PZ2100 Series High-Channel Density Precision SMU

The Keysight PZ2100 Series is the leading automated test equipment (ATE) solution that integrates enormous source / measure unit (SMU) resources into valuable rack space with flexible module options.

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CCG1R5 and CCG3 series Space saving Isolated DC/DC Converters

The space saving CCG1R5 and CCG3 series of isolated DC-DC converters operate from wide range 4.5 to 18V, 9 to 36Vdc or 18 to 76V inputs with 1.5W and 3W power levels and output voltages from 3.3V to 30V (1). Single output models can be adjusted -5% to +10% by using the trim terminal. The CCG can operate in ambient temperatures of -40 to 100°C and have an input to output isolation of 1,500Vdc. Both through hole and surface mount packages are offered.

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