ISL9241: Industry’s First USB-C™ Combo Buck-Boost Battery Charger

Optimizing Mobile Computing System Performance with a New USB-C Combo Buck-Boost Battery Charger

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TEC 2/3 (WI) Series Next Generation 2/3 Watt SIP-8 DC/DC converters

TEC 2/3 (WI) is a new series with the design purpose to improve the prevalent 2/3 Watt SIP-8 DC/DC converters in terms of cost, efficiency and performance.

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New Power Supply from Rohde & Schwarz NGL200

High accuracy, fast load recovery time and ability to function both as a source and a sink enable NGL200 power supplies to fit broad apectrum of applications

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MESH Networking for IoT

Create local networks that collect data, share messages, and connect to the Internet with Particle Mesh

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Shop our expanded range of Polymer Capacitors

They can provide a viable alternative for various designs currently using MLCCs, and can even provide direct drop-in replacements for low capacitance, non AEC-Q200 compliant designs.

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