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one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components, ensures global availability of its products. WE offers a wide range of products, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to add value to their electronic projects. The company has 14 manufacturing facilities worldwide, which guarantee rapid delivery of components. The product range includes EMC components, power inductors, transformers, RF components, visitors, capacitors, resistors, quartz crystals, oscillators, power modules, Wireless Power Transfer, LEDs sensors, connectors, power supply elements, switches, push-buttons, connection technology, fuse holders and solutions for wireless data transmission. Read more

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The series of snap ferrites with a special key technology offering assurance against unauthorized opening.

COAX Connector

Coax connectors, also known as RF connectors, are designed to maintain consistent impedance through features such as shielding in order to minimize signal and power effects


WE-SHC Seamless are the first two pieces solution of their kind of automated population, optimized for high frequency applications. The fully sealed and seamless corners provide an exceptional faraday cage effect.


The WR-FFC are space-saving flexible flat ribbon cables in various designs to allow more flexibility in use.


The magnetically shielded SMT-mountable storage chokes are ideal for integrated DC/DC converters and switching controllers with output powers from 0.01 W to 300 W.


REDFIT IDC is a solderless reversible direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology and insulation displacement connection.


USB standards for implementation with different bit rate requirements of the application.


The phototransistor-type optocouplers have a signal transmission with reliable galvanic isolation.

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Raspberry Pi

Single Board Computers, Maker & Education

Аудиовизуальное Оборудование

Батареи и Зарядные Устройства

Беспроводные Модули и Адаптеры

Встроенные Компьютеры, Платы для Обучения и Разработки

Датчики и Преобразователи

Инструменты и Производственное Оборудование

Кабели, Провода и Сборки

Кварцевые Генераторы и Резонаторы

Компоненты Светодиодного Освещения

Макетные Платы, Инструменты Оценки

Механическое и Крепежное Оборудование

Оптоэлектроника и Дисплеи

Офис и Компьютер

Пассивные Компоненты

Полупроводники - Дискретные

Полупроводники - Микросхемы


Реле и Переключатели

Системы Охлаждения и Управления Тепловыми Процессами

Средства Автоматизации и Управления Процессами

Средства Контроля Статического Электричества и Обеспечения Безопасности, Товары для Чистых Комнат

Тестирование и Измерение


Устройства Защиты Электроцепей

Устройства Подачи Питания и Защиты Цепи

Электрическое Оборудование

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