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O Knipex

KNIPEX is worldwide known as a manufacturer of pliers for industry and professional users. As an independent family-owned business with headquarters based in Wuppertal, Germany, the company has held on tightly to its own great tradition for already four generations. The successful path of the company started 137 years ago and KNIPEX was able to reach and maintain a position as a worldwide leading manufacturer in the field of pliers by embracing their traditions and openness to new markets.

KNIPEX has strong roots in its local area. That is why they are particularly aware of their responsibility towards the natural environment and the community – and the future generation.

With a product range of around 1,000 different pliers KNIPEX wants to offer high quality, reliable and long lasting hand tools for professional users in all sectors. Providing the exactly right tools for every application – always in the suitable design and size – is the aim. With the professional users in mind we seek to find innovative solutions that enable the users to get their work done easier, faster, and very importantly, safer. Continuous feedback from professionals and great efforts in research and development have lead KNIPEX to achieve and maintain this excellence in quality throughout the whole product range.

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