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Разъем типа провод-плата, угловой, 3 мм, 2 контакт(-ов), Штыревой Разъем, Серия Micro MATE-N-LOK


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Серия Micro MATE-N-LOK
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Штыревой Разъем
Серия Micro MATE-N-LOK
Контакты с Покрытием из Олова
Поверхностный Монтаж
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Обзор продукта

The Micro MATE-N-LOK series low profile micro MATE-N-LOK Connector has a vertical height of less than 4.7mm - about 45% lower than other members of the product family. These soft-shell connectors include right-angle surface-mount headers and mating cable connectors. The line uses standard micro MATE-N-LOK contacts, with 24 to 20 and 30 to 26AWG wire ranges. The connector features positive latching to prevent unmating. The 94V-0-rated nylon housing is available in black or natural colours. Contacts are phosphor bronze with a choice of tin or gold plating. The connectors are rated up to 5A and 250V. This low-profile connector joins the proven micro MATE-N-LOK line of soft-shell connectors widely used in appliance, industrial machinery and home equipment. The low-profile version was created to meet the specific demands of the lighting industry, but applications are found in other industries, as well.
  • Black and natural colours available
  • Polarized housings help prevent connector mismating
  • Positive latching to prevent unmating
  • Right angle surface mount headers with surface mount hold-downs
  • Utilizes standard Micro MATE-N-LOK contacts
  • 2, 3 and 4 Positions available
  • <4.7mm in Vertical height required

Области применения

Промышленное, Светодиодное Освещение, Освещение


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