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Фильтр ЛЭП, монтаж на каркас, 480 В AC, 7 А, От Электромагнитных Помех, от Радиопомех, Винт


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От Электромагнитных Помех, от Радиопомех
480В AC
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Обзор продукта

The FN3258-7-44 is a 3-phase ultra-compact EMC/RFI Filter for motor drives applications. The extremely compact and slim filter design allows a trouble-free installation even where the available mounting space is minimal. It provides safety terminal blocks, the most preferred connection style can be chosen fast and easy. This helps to stay in line with the electrical connection concept of a given application. This Filter ensures compliance with Class-A limits according to EN 55011 up to 50m cable length and beyond. Further it can contribute significantly to meet conducted emission limits according to Class-B. The Filter operation on the mains input side of consumers increases their reliability and conducted immunity significant. Chokes with exceptional saturation resistance and excellent thermal behaviour are a vital part of FN3258 design. Thus, this filter retains the expected filter performance even in very noisy applications and under full load conditions.
  • IP20 Protection rating
  • UL94V-2 Flammability rating
  • -25 to 100°C Operating temperature range
  • Solid safety connector blocks
  • Exceptional attenuation performance from 150kHz to 30MHz
  • Excellent saturation resistance up to 50m cable length
  • Most compact and slim filter design in its class

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