5910S - 

Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker, 240 В AC, 10 А, 1-полюсный, DIN-рейка

MK 5910S

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240В AC
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The SENTRY series Residual Current Circuit Breaker offers a comprehensive selection of devices designed to meet most residential and light industrial requirements. The range includes 2 and 4 pole, AC/DC fault current sensitive and time delayed models and a selection of current ratings from 16 to 100A is available in a variety of tripping sensitivities. When in the OFF position a contact gap of 4mm is present, enabling Sentry RCDs to be used as isolating switches where appropriate. Positive indication of the opening of the contacts is only given when the legend OFF-O can be seen on the RCD dolly. The operating dolly may be locked in either the ON/OFF position without affecting the ability of the trip mechanism to operate, i.e. the RCD is trip-free. It is not possible to hold the contacts closed when a fault condition exists. It incorporates a filtering device to provide protection against transient surges in the supply to the unit, thus reducing the occurrence of unwanted tripping.
  • Extensive range to suit all specifications
  • Protect against unwanted tripping
  • Positive contact status indication
  • Offer a high degree of protection against electrocution in accidental shock hazard situations
  • Two module, double pole units available up to 100A

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