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Оценочная плата, MAC контроллер в LAN8710 Ethernet PHY, приемопередатчик 10/100 Ethernet


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Eval Board LAN8710A
Ethernet PHY
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Обзор продукта

EVB8710 is a PHY evaluation board that interfaces a MAC controller to the LAN8710 Ethernet PHY via a standard 40 pin MII connector. The LAN8710 is connected to an RJ45/Integrated Magnetics Ethernet Jack for 10/100 connectivity. The LAN8710A is a low power, small form factor, highly integrated analog interface IC for high performance embedded Ethernet applications. The LAN8710A requires only a single +3.3V supply and provides an integrated +1.2V supply to run the core digital logic. The LAN8720A is the industry's smallest footprint solutions with up to 40% lower power consumption than existing SMSC transceivers.
  • Standard RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics and LED indicators for link and activity
  • On board LED indicators for speed 100 and full duplex
  • Supports MII and RMII operation
  • Interfaces through 40 pin connector
  • Powered by 5.0V from the 40 pin connector
  • Includes probe points on all MII/RMII data and control signals for troubleshooting
  • Sources RMII REF_CLK
  • Supports user configuration options including PHY address selection
  • Integrated 3.3V regulator
  • Includes 25MHz crystal for internal PHY reference

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Связь и Сеть, Промышленное, Потребительская Электроника


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