Дополнительная карта HDMI 24 бита, используется с платой i.MX53, опциональный HDMI выход

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Board only
i.MX53 Processors
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The MCIMXHDMICARD is an 24bit HDMI add-on card used along with i.MX53 quick start development board. For developers wishing to output video via HDMI, there is an optional HDMI daughter card which can be purchased for use with the quick start board. The LVDS display in i.MX53 quick start board can be used in conjunction with the optional LCD display, the VGA output or the optional HDMI card, as long as the total video output does not exceed the specified limits of the i.MX53 processor. This HDMI card is connected to J13 and occupies the expansion port. The brass standoff on the HDMI card is threaded to accept a standard metric M3 machine screw. This will allow for more sturdy connection if the developer plans to work with HDMI for a long period of time. In order to use the optional HDMI card with the quick start board, the environmental variables must be correctly set to support the card. This change needs to be done only one time, when the HDMI card is first used.
  • 24bit HDMI add-on card
  • It uses the silicon image SiI9022 HDMI transmitter
  • Common mode chokes have been placed on the output of the transmitter to meet FCC and CE standards.
  • This HDMI card is connected to J13 and occupies the Expansion Port

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